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“The triumph of love entails a kind of “mental work” that—by overriding shame, disgust, horror, or pain—could be identified as specifically queer, because this work consists in struggling against the affect-laden social norms regulated by sexuality. Queer politics involves not only the negative effort to resist norms, but also the positive work of intense, almost superhuman loving.”

–Tim Dean, “Lacan Meets Queer Theory.” in Perversion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives. ed. Nobus, Downing.

“Last week we went to the museum. A whole whale is hanging from the ceiling. Bigger than big! OK, have you seen a Volkswagen car that’s like a bug? Um huh, you know what I’m talking about. That’s how big the heart of a blue whale is. I know it’s not possible, but if that heart in me could I love more? Ms Rain, Rita, Abdul”

Push by Sapphire.


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